Conveys the value of
KIAS technology

KIAS has clean technology using filters from existing air purifiers andsterilization technology using PLASMA made with our technology.

Trial purchase system for technological development

Kias purifier and sterilizer acquired technological development product certification and selected as product for trail purchase of technologically developed productthrough application of outstanding patented technology and technology evaluation. As such, it is being supplied to a wide range of public institutions through priority purchase and private contract.

Harmony between purification and sterilization
It is a system of providing proxy services for decision making for purchasing technological development products by public institutions in the format of selecting trial purchase products through separate evaluation procedure to activate purchasing of technologically developed product subjected to priority purchase and to provide support for development of harmonious sales channel for outstanding small and medium companies. Proportion of purchase goal for technologically developed product subjected to priority purchase is more than 15% of the total purchase value for all the products of small and medium companies.

* Relevant regulations

「Law on promotion of purchasing of and provision of support for sales channel for products of small and medium companies」and Enforcement Order of the same Law, and 「How to operate trial purchase system for technological developmentproduct」of Announcement No. 2021-26 by the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises
Support method
Purchasing institution supports purchasing through methods such as private contract, etc.

* Law as ground for private contract for trial purchase product

Article 26 of the 「Enforcement Order of the Law on contact with the state as party」, Article 25 of the「Enforcement Order of the Law on contract with local autonomous government as a party」and Article 8 of the 「Regulations on the affairs related to contract with public corporation and quasi-government institution」.

Kias pledges to continue to expand our businesses into the global stage as a proud brand of the Republic of Korea through continuous technology development, and seek your continued interests and support for small and medium companies holding outstanding technologies.

Core of our technology

Combination of purification and sterilization
Do you still judge air purifiers based on the HEPA filter level?
KIAS's core technology is not aimed at catching fine dust, bacteria, and viruses, but destroying bacteria and viruses through PLASMA.
  • Suctioned air primarily removes fine dust and suspended substances through dust collection using a triple-structured filter
  • Passes through the OH radical sterilization section and sterilizes the VUV wavelength region through a dielectric barrier discharge plasma
  • KIAS, a complete technology that cleans the air as well as sterilizes bacteria and viruses at the same time

Clean technology

KIAS FILTER (360° circular filter)

  • Triple filter structure consisting of a pre-filter + HEPA filter + carbon filter
  • Focus the purified air to the hole in the center
  • Air suction in all directions
  • 100% delivered the concentrated air to PLASMA BOX
  • Purifying fine dust and general bacteria in the suctioned air

Sterilization technology

  • DBD PLASMA, which has been recognized as a next-generation sterilization technology
  • Patented low voltage PLASMA generator for air cleaning and sterilization

01. Next-generation sterilization technology DBD PLASMA

02. Strengths and effects of plasma

  • Remove fine dust, germs,
    and viruses that are less than 0.3 μm

  • Hydroxyl radical production, a strong
    sterilizing and disinfecting substance

  • Remove 99.9% of airborne bacteria
    such as super bacteria and E. coli

03. Plasma sterilization process

04. The top 10 mechanical technologies in the year 2020

The Korea Federation of Mechanical Engineering Societies selected and announced the "2020 Top 10 Mechanical Technologies of the Year". This Year's Top 10 Mechanical Technologies praised researchers for their hard work by selecting excellent products or technologies developed in Korea in the field of mechanics during the year. It was first established in 2013 by The Korea Federation of Mechanical Engineering Societies to promote Korea's excellent mechanical technology to the outside world. The "air-floating bacteria and virus removal discharge technology/air sterilization purifier" jointly developed by Kumo LED and KITECH was selected as one of the top 10 mechanical technologies of the year in 2020.
  • A gondola-mounted cleaning robot that quickly cleans the outer walls ofhigh-rise buildings (Hanyang University, Seoul National University, Gyeonggi University, CSCAM Co., Ltd., Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
  • technology to remove bacteria and viruses floating in the air/air sterilization purifier
    (KITECH, KUMO LED Co., Ltd.)
  • The world's first capsule-type craft beer (LG Electronics)
  • Hydro Piston Type Compressor for Hydrogen Charging Station(90Mpa, 350N㎥/hr or more) (GTC Co., Ltd.)
  • Smart Energy Saving System(SGM+ALS)
    (Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  • Remotely controlled cardiovascular intervention robot (Seoul Asan Hospital)
  • High-efficiency air conditioner (LG Electronics) with a new concept of evaporator liquid separation cycle technology
  • Painless NanomicroDNA Needle Patch
    (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)
  • Ankle-type robot prosthetic leg for people with amputated legs (Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials)
  • An automated oil recovery system to respond to marine oil spills (Seoul National University)