For our daily safety,

Now that masks have become a daily routine,
how can we keep our masks safe from germs and viruses?

We thought about it.

No air purifier can remove germs and viruses with just filters.
No air sterilizer can completely remove fine dust without a filter.

KIAS is the new standard
for air purification.

In collaboration with KITECH,
we studied "air-floating bacteria, virus removal discharge technology" and now possess the best technology.

Add plasma sterilization technology to the air purification function through a filter

The only product that makes it possible for no one to worry about indoor air quality.

Best safety and minimum energy consumption

Low voltage plasma minimizes energy consumption with
superpower consumption of 3.05W per sterilization module.

Prevention is more important than treatment.
I hope KIAS will be with you to keep you safe daily.