More effective indoor air quality (IAQ) management and pathogen infection prevention by adding strong air cleaning sterilization technology,
triple circular filter, and DBD plasma sterilization technology

KIAS PRO model no. 1718

A large model with a sterilization area of 165m2 suitable for hospitals and childcare facilities that are vulnerable to infection

With a wide sterilization radius, it's effective for places where people gather.

KIAS PRO model no. 1202

A medium model with a sterilization area of 110m2 suitable for offices, lecture rooms, and clinics where infection prevention is important

It is fixed and purifies the indoor area where people reside


Loop Type | Direct Type

Select according to your environment.

How to use it effectively

The KIAS air sterilizer is highly recommended to be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In AI automatic management mode, the indoor air quality is detected and automatically managed. The DNA and RNA of bacteria and viruses are also destroyed to block infection sources.

KIAS PRO's Performance

Air purifier Performance: deodorization of 5 major harmful gases, ozone emission minimum, 99.6% dust collection efficiency Air sterilizer Performance: Floating virus destruction, floating bacteria destruction